The VITAE®40 lung ventilator integrates the most advanced technology in a device of less than 1.4 Kg designed to be held in one hand for any emergency and transport stage. Its new and exclusive ergonomic concept, with all the connections aligned in the anchorage axis, allows a minimum occupation in the vehicle and an easy interchange between its wall, ceiling, rail, trolley and transport cases.

The VITAE®40 includes all the advanced ventilation modes (until now only available in some intensive care ventilators), integrates capnography options (including an interface for volumetric capnography) and wireless communications (bluetooth) for selective download of ventilation records for real-time or remote analysis from the hospital.  It also includes specific ventilation modes and exclusive assistant for CPR according to the latest ERC and AHA guidelines.

With the VITAE®40, the emergency services, mobile ICUs and all areas of the hospital can be provided, in a single device, of the most modern modern handheld respirator with intensive care features and CPR wizards, an advanced capnograph and an Oxygen-Air flowmeter blender suitable for a high-flow therapy.

Certified for land and air transport (tested according to the latest IEC, ISO, EN and RTCA standards).


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