The Association of Family Business of Madrid (ADEFAM), to which HERSILL is a member, invited the medical equipment manufacturing company to participate in the “Family Business in the Classroom” Program – The Fruit of Values. According to its promoters, “it is a programme that aims to strengthen the contents of the 6th primary (subject of Social Sciences) and 3rd and 4th ESO (Initiation to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship) and 1st Baccalaureate (Economics), which are related to business and entrepreneurship.” HERSILL would have to go to the chosen school to give a talk and then the students themselves would visit the company’s premises.

HERSILL informed ADEFAM that they prefer to address vocational training students from two educational centers that send us trainees for many years. A number of employees who are part of the company’s workforce have received their training at one centre or another.

Last Wednesday, March 9, HERSILL gave a talk at the Salesian College on Calle Atocha in Madrid, which was attended by about 50 students of Mechanical Manufacturing of middle and high grades. Representatives of HERSILL were represented by its President (Benjamin Herranz Jordán), Factory Manager (Maximino Rebollo), Lathe Manager (Urbano Rebollo) and a lathe operator formed by Salesians Atocha (Trinidad García). In addition to the general objective of the program, specific aspects of interest to the students were discussed, such as the process of mechanical design and manufacturing at HERSILL or the values we take into account in our company when selecting new employees.



The next day these same students, together with the Coordinator of the School of Business, José Luis Esquivias and other teachers of the center, visited HERSILL



HERSILL is very grateful to all of them for their warm welcome and we are at your disposal to repeat the activity as many times as you wish.



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