Video explaining how, in record time, two Spanish family businesses managed to deliver more than 2,000 VITAE®40 lung ventilators to hospitals throughout Spain during the COVID-19 crisis.

This challenge is successfully overcome thanks to the valuable collaboration of: Correos, Volunteers, Suppliers and Employees of HERSILL Medical Devices and Escribano Mechanical Engineering.

We recall that a month ago both companies joined forces to achieve the goal of producing up to 5,000 ventilators in the coming weeks, in response to the obvious lack of artificial ventilators in Spain and the prevailing urgency to boost domestic production of this medical equipment for mechanical ventilation, so necessary in the fight against the coronavirus.

HERSILL together with the collaboration of AMETIC, the General Secretary of Industry, of the Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism and the defence material company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering achieved what seemed almost impossible, to increase the usual production scale in a record time of 2 weeks, going from 10 VITAE®40 lung ventilators to 100 units per day, all those involved in this project working 24/7.