The 14th of July is the International Day of the Nursing Assistant, a professional who carries out a fundamental work of supporting nurses and doctors and caring for patients. His position was created in 1960 by the Ministry of the Interior (now the Ministry of Health) created by decree, the position of clinic assistant. However, it was not until 1995 that the specific title appeared.

Currently, they are called Auxiliary Nursing Care Technicians (TCAE), through Royal Decree 546/1995 of 7 April. These professionals are part of the Nursing team, under their supervision, and also independently.

Its basic functions include caring for and assisting the daily needs of patients, such as breathing, eating, grooming or mobility. Preparing the beds, serving food to the patients or giving it to them if necessary, collaborating with the nursing staff in administering medication or collecting thermometric data, providing wedges for the sick, maintaining the wagons and their equipment are some of the tasks they perform.

In addition to performing general functions, they may specialize in specific branches of health care such as occupational nursing, geriatrics, emergency rooms, operating rooms or mental health. They are therefore indispensable professionals who help to speed up care for patients, are very close to them and help them recover and have a better quality of life.