The Royal Academy of Engineering (Madrid, Spain), with the co-sponsorship of the “Pro Rebus Academiae” Foundation, awards the “Academiae Dilecta” Prize every year in the Solemn Public Act of the Royal Academy of Engineering. This award recognizes those companies whose activity originates in the study and research of the scientific and technical foundations of engineering, its technological applications and operational techniques, as well as in the design, development and exploitation of their achievements.

In addition, the RAI at this same event with the Agustín de Betancourt y Molina Prize and the Juan López de Peñalver Prize (Young Researchers Awards) honors researchers or professionals who have made creative and relevant contributions in any of the fields of engineering, both of which value aspects related to technology transfer.

The event will be held on June 21, at the Royal Academy of Engineering, in the Sala Villar Mir or Auditorium at 6pm.

The Royal Academy of Engineering boasts to have been the first national Academy, created during the reign of King Juan Carlos I in 1994. It shares its business, teaching and research experiences and puts them at the service of Spanish society and technological advancement.

According to sources from the Royal Academy of Engineering, in this edition of the Academiae Dilecta 2021, the RAE Awards Commission has decided to award the prize to HERSILL Medical Devices, thus highlighting the opportunity for a special visualization of the candidature awarded for its contribution to the fight against COVID. This award will be presented by H.E. Mr. Antonio Colino Martinez, President of RAE.

“The Awards Commission considers that HERSILL’s performance has been vital in developing and bringing to market products to deal with the most critical moments during the coronavirus pandemic. Their flagship product in the health crisis has been the VITAE-40 transport ventilator, a lightweight and easy-to-transport equipment that facilitates its distribution logistics. In addition to ventilators, many other devices such as flow meters, vacuum regulators, anaesthesia machines, manual resuscitators and laryngoscopes have also been developed in record time to combat the pandemic. Finally, it should be noted that HERSILL has been able to take on the business opportunity presented magnificently at the engineering level and currently, they not only sell to the Iberian country, but also export their respirators to many countries, mainly South America, Asia and North Africa.

At least one of the following conditions must be met to be eligible for this award:

• To have marketed for the first time in the world a product originating from scientific and technological research and development.
• To have based the business strategy on a continuous basis on the use of innovative technologies, with the contribution of R & D carried out mainly within the walls or in other Spanish centres.

“The acquisition and effective use of foreign technologies is a complementary merit for accessing the prize, although it is not in itself an ideal condition for achieving it” (Royal Academy of Engineering).