The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development will be celebrated on 4 March, as an initiative of the United Nations and in accordance with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, in order to recognise the contribution of engineers to a better world and to the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Only through the capacity to innovate can companies improve existing products and provide new options so that they have a positive impact on people and the market and respond to their needs. Innovation allows us to be more competitive and is an engine of economic growth, both for businesses and for the country as a whole. Investing in this activity, retaining talent and investing in R & D helps to generate wealth and guarantee a prosperous future.

Especially in the world of medicine, which is constantly changing and where there are constant challenges, it is crucial to invest in innovation, not only because it has an effect on people’s health, but because it is the only way to achieve a transformation of the healthcare system towards a more modern and efficient one, capable of facing current and future challenges.

At Hersill we are proud of our professionals who are part of the R & D department, which enjoys high recognition among our competitors, as well as among universities and institutions, as we focus on keeping products at the top of the healthcare technology market by using the latest innovations.

In addition, our department is made up of a multidisciplinary team dedicated exclusively to R & D & I, made up of engineers who are experts in health technology and doctors in medicine, and maintaining collaboration agreements with hospitals and the University.

We are well aware of their contribution and of the value that comes from the industry that strives to offer innovative solutions, especially the industry that is most committed to making this its raison d’être.

Thank you all for accompanying us on this journey.