Founded in 1973 by one of the pioneers of the sector in Spain, Benjamín Herranz, HERSILL has extensive experience as a manufacturer of medical equipment. This year we celebrate 50 years as a family business keeping our values unchanged since our foundation: responsibility, enthusiasm and excellence.

In addition, our drive for technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer service, and the tireless work of many years, has allowed us to position ourselves solidly in the competitive and demanding global market of medical devices.

Furthermore, HERSILL’s commitment to patients, health professionals and the National Health System and society as a whole has been demonstrated over the years, and even more so in one of the most difficult times for our country, such as the fight against COVID-19. The fact of being a company of these characteristics facilitates our ability to adapt and adapt to the needs of our clients, as well as the personalization of the service and the close and humane treatment, one of the characteristic features of HERSILL.

For this reason, and in order to celebrate this 50th birthday, from this month of March Hersill will be full of activities that will commemorate and honor each and every one of the people who have formed and continue to form part of our company.

For the moment, we can only tell you to be very attentive to our social networks.