Hersill, a company that puts the patient at the center of its mission, pays special attention to the improvement of its products by creating spaces for constant innovation. Thanks to this motivation to improve the quality of healthcare for patients, new advances arise, such as the one recently implemented in our Genesis anaesthesia workstation.

Our anesthesia workstation, conceived in 2017, is a product with functionalities and features that make it unique. Being its essential aspects safety and connectivity offers a new concept of modularity, innovation in protective ventilation and cost savings combined with an innovative design with the most advanced modes of protective pulmonary ventilation: open circuit, manual and spontaneous.


Protective ventilation


The anaesthesia workstation has a self-test in which the supply pressure, the ventilation system, leaks and fresh gas can be evaluated. It can be used manually and in a automatic and 100% programmable.

It has a performance factor, a digital rotometer and a modern design that improves ergonomics, providing a new configurable user interface, with touch screen, supported by a 360o rotation arm, tiltable on two axes. It offers us an interface with different brightness options, languages, allowing you to see patient information and different measurements. It also allows you to configure alarm types.

Other essential features include 100% customizable alveolar recruitment, ventilator pause and cardiac bypass, offering as many steps as you need.


New concept of modularity


Security and connectivity

Patient safety being the first thing, the Anesthesia Workstation has the characteristic Compact Anaesthesia Breathing System (CABS) in which the patient’s gases are confined and sterilized in autoclave (134°C). It also allows monitoring of the anesthetic gas evacuation system from the operating room (AGSS).


The anaesthesia workstation has gained versatility, being compatible with other respiratory circuits, completing ventilatory monitoring and offering two auxiliary arms. Optional.

Cost savings

Another of the advances to note has been the cost savings through simple procedures that allow a lower cost: Installation, calibration, maintenance and replacement through 4 independently tested functional modules.

In addition, the anesthesia workstation has an open circuit with manual and spontaneous ventilation that can be applied to neonates, children and adults.

To complement all these functions, the Genesis anesthesia workstation has fungible material and other accessories for specific treatments and improved functionality, such as the possibility of having a version with ceiling support or for field hospital.


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