International Women’s Engineering Day is an important date to recognize and celebrate the achievements and notable contributions of women in this field. From Hedy Lamarr, whose communications innovations laid the foundation for the development of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to Mary Jackson, NASA’s first African-American engineer, women have left an indelible mark on engineering. Their work in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy and environmental engineering has been instrumental in driving technological progress and innovation.

This day is an opportunity to recognize the achievements and valuable contribution of women in this field, despite the challenges they have faced. By celebrating the achievements of women engineers and encouraging the active participation of new generations of women in this field, we are building a more inclusive future, where talent and diversity are valued and promoted. On this International Women’s Day in Engineering, let’s call to action to continue moving towards gender equality and for more women to find inspiration and opportunities in the exciting and transformative engineering industry.

At Hersill we are proud of our professionals who are part of the R & D department, which enjoys high recognition among our competitors, as well as among universities and institutions, as we focus on keeping products at the top of the healthcare technology market by using the latest innovations.

We are aware of our contribution and the value brought by the industry that strives to offer innovative solutions in Spain, especially the one that is most committed to our country.