The pandemic has dramatically marked the beginning of the third decade of the twenty-first century.

In Spain, COVID 19 has taken the lives of thousands of people and caused an unprecedented economic crisis. Its devastating impact on employment has accentuated inequalities in our society.

The pandemic has exposed our fragility, but it has also given rise to the momentum of businesses, institutions and, in general, of all citizens to address a paradigm shift in economic and social relations.

Europe has launched a historic aid plan, which is essential to the recovery, with sustainability at its core.

Sustainability understood in its threefold aspect: environmental, economic and social.

Citizens, businesses and institutions have internalized that sustainability is the cornerstone on which to build a better society. Without real commitment on the part of all, there is no future possible.

As family businesses, we have always worked with a long-term vision and a genuine commitment to future generations, our environment and our communities.

Therefore, at this historic moment, we want to redouble our efforts and lead this momentum that unites us with institutions, other companies and all our communities.

From here, in Pamplona, in October 2021,  IEF (Institute of Family Business)  and its eighteen affiliated Territorial Associations, as accredited representatives of family businesses in Spain, including HERSILL, a family business associated with ADEFAM (Association of Family Business of Madrid), assumed a threefold commitment:

  • Corporate commitment: our mission is to meet the needs of our customers and consumers by taking into account the interests of our employees, our suppliers, the communities in which we operate and society as a whole, managing our companies with a long-term vision, thinking about the next generations, with ethical criteria that allow sustainable growth.
  • Social commitment: we want to foster diversity, promote gender equality, social inclusion and the generation of stable and quality employment that meets the needs of businesses.
  • Environmental commitment: we want to manage our companies in an environmentally friendly way, implementing the necessary changes in our processes to reduce and eventually eliminate CO2 emissions and identifying alternative actions to compensate for those emissions that, temporarily, cannot be eliminated. We will take the necessary steps to reduce any kind of externalities in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN.


This institutional declaration is signed by the Family Business Institute and all the territorial associations linked to the IEF, represented by their respective presidents