At Hersill this year we are celebrating, because we are celebrating 50 years with a trajectory that we believe we should be very proud of, looking forward to the future and looking forward to continuing to grow and improve our products and services to help professionals and patients have a better life.

We wanted to celebrate our half century of history from the top, surrounded by friends and collaborators, and with the aim of giving visibility to the contribution of Hersill but also of our industry, which makes a decisive contribution to the improvement of the healthcare system and the country.

We chose an emblematic place of the city of Madrid, Casa de América – Palacio de Linares, where we brought together personalities of the sector and authorities such as the Health Councillor of the Community of Madrid, Fatima Matute; Ana Pastor, Congresswoman and Executive Secretary of Health of the Popular Party; and Manuel Bautista, Mayor of Mostoles. In addition, Pilar Gonzalez, head of the Department of Institutional Promotion and Territorial Cooperation of the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) gave a lecture on the importance of this industry for the SNS.


Round table on the contribution of Spanish industry

On the other hand, Juan Abarca, president of the IDIS Foundation (Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare), moderated a discussion table in which we had prominent representatives of the sector, specifically, Cristobal Belda, director of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII); Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin); Carmen Pantoja, Managing Director of the Leonor Infanta University Hospital  in Madrid; and Mercedes Suria, Head of Manufacturing and Importation Facilities and Foreign Trade of Medical Devices at the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

In their speeches, they agreed on the importance of promoting a strategic industrial fabric that, in addition to its economic and social contribution, helps to equip Spain with the industrial capacities needed to cope with any increase in the demand for health care, as happened during COVID-19.

Art as a vehicle of communication

We are committed to art as a vehicle to highlight the evolution and contribution of Hersill throughout our career. Thus, in the same amphitheatre where the event took place, we placed the exhibition ‘Ideas that come alive, which showed a tour of the company’s significant teams and their contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To this end, a painting was also displayed that pays homage to all those who helped during this health crisis, with the image of a health professional holding a Vitae 40 smiling at the possibility that thanks to this device her patient will survive. This painting is located in the hall of our offices. It is accompanied a few meters by the sculptural work ‘Breath’, which also had its place in the exhibition at the event at Casa de America.

This sculpture presents on one side the lungs and the human heart, symbols of life, while on the other side it shows a forest that symbolizes the breathing of the planet, with the idea of reflecting on the deep connection between human health and the health of the world we inhabit. At the base of the work we can read Hersill’s three fundamental values: responsibility, enthusiasm and excellence.

Another art-related action that took place during the event was the musical composition ‘The Melody of Life’, created from the sounds of breathing and heartbeats of Hersill workers. It was composed with our collaboration by Katia Márquez, music therapist of the NGO Musicians for Health.

All these initiatives are available at https://www.hersill.com/50anniversary/