“Challenge 30×15” is a campaign promoted by the Association of Volunteers of CaixaBank, together with the Association Messengers of Peace and the Convent of Santa Clara Foundation, which aims to raise donations that will allow them to obtain 30 medical ambulances, with a unit value of 15,000 euros.

The aim of all this is to transfer medical-surgical equipment to treat the wounded on the ground, because Hersill, without hesitation for a moment, wanted to join this “challenge” but improving the equipment of ambulances for Ukraine by donating Oxivac Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation suitcases, suitcases manufactured by ourselves and equipped with oxygen cylinders, pressure regulators and click-style flow meters from 1 to 15 litres, manual resuscitators for adults and for children, pedal vacuum pumps, tourniquets and thermal blankets among many other accessories.

Our contribution, together with the solidarity of other companies, individuals, NGOs and foundations throughout Spain, has allowed us to multiply the initial target of 30 vehicles, as 75 fully equipped units have been obtained to date to care for the wounded and vulnerable.

According to Father Angel, president of Messengers of Peace, “Ukraine is a people that is bleeding to death and it is urgent that we do not go beyond the euphoria of welcoming people to do nothing more. Help is still needed, both here and there, because many are returning. We also have to think of the neighbouring countries which have taken in huge numbers of refugees, such as Poland, and which also need support in order to be able to meet such needs. I would also like to appreciate all the efforts of our country’s government that so far more than 7,500 children have been enrolled in school and more than 170,000 Ukrainians have been granted refugee status.”

We hope that this aid will alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people!