“Adapting emergencies, we become stronger”” is the motto of the 25th edition of the Municipal Conference on Disasters organized by @SAMUR_PC to be held on 28 and 29 of this month in Madrid.

This event will bring together a large number of #emergency professionals from all over the country at the CIFSE headquarters, and from Hersill we will be present at booth 28.

Diego Muñoz , National Sales Manager of Hersill, states that “we have attended bad congresses organized by SAMUR, but this one, due to the number of attendees and its commercial exhibition, seems to be more dynamic and promising”.

And this year, it has been very important for the emergency service of the City of Madrid SAMUR-Civil Protection as it has celebrated 30 years of service to the residents of Madrid, since since its creation, SAMUR-PC has assisted more than three million people, the equivalent of the population of Madrid and has become a reference service in emergencies, and also because they have reached 40 years of service. the largest volunteer corps in the country, the SAMUR Civil Protection Volunteer Corps.

In addition, it is important not only for its 30th anniversary, but also because the Disaster Days are being held again after several years of interruption, where attendees will be able to enjoy a large simulacrum of catastrophes that will take place at the Four Winds Air Base, where more than 600 interveners from all the Security and Emergency Corps, and ambulances will meet all of Spain and even European teams.

This event is intended to be, on the one hand, a way to share experiences and knowledge and, on the other, and given the recent past, a reunion for the whole family of the world of emergencies and Civil Protection.

“Hersill has been working with SAMUR for many years, and our goal is to be their main supplier of the sanitary equipment we offer in our company. Our closeness and commitment mean that there is a fundamental synergy between the two”, says Diego.

On this new day, Hersill will be present at the congress at booth number 28, “We are going to bring a small representation of our equipment consisting of our transport and emergency ventilator VITAE 40, our portable secretion respirator V7, a manual resuscitator Revivator Plus, and an oxygen distributor for six patients. The latter is a team designed and designed to be able to care for up to six patients in multiple emergencies”, concludes Diego.

If you want more information about this meeting please visit the following website: https://bit.ly/3rpVFJL #SAMURmeeting22″