Between October 26 and 28, Hersill will be in Barcelona at the 5th National Congress of #Nursing Coordinating Material Resources (@anecorm) at booth number 75.

The work of the material resource nurse coordinator has become one of the key elements of the structural management of health organizations, in which it has highlighted the importance of her/his work giving greater visibility, because the maximum objective of this congress is to value this work, and to promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge, opinions and novelties to promote a more efficient, sustainable and responsible management of health care resources.

According to Diego Muñoz (National Sales Manager), “the role of material resources nursing in hospitals is key. They are non-optional health professionals with a strong impact on improving the quality of services. Usually, they have proven clinical experience that supports them as connoisseurs of materials, equipment and supplies, and they have to have a high level of proficiency in all types of equipment.” He adds that “for Hersill it is vital that these professionals know our company in order to be able to introduce our technology into hospitals.”

Hersill’s goal has always been to be a benchmark in designing and manufacturing healthcare equipment at the national level, and the 5th National Congress of #Nursing Coordinating Material Resources is a key meeting point to get closer to these professionals in a more relaxed environment. “This congress is very important, as it brings together material resources professionals from all over Spain where we exchange projects, models, or suggestions. We always want to be present at these meetings, promoting and giving greater visibility to our company”, says Diego.

In this sense, Diego states that “our experience at fairs and congresses is always very positive. Being close to professionals and being able to show them all our technology is a unique opportunity.”

In Anecorm, Hersill will have a small number of medical devices as representation and we will have both paper and digital material with information and videos of the rest of the equipment. “We will take our star equipment, our Vitae 40 transport ventilator, a ball type and a click-style flowmeter among others”, concludes Diego.

You can get all the information about the congress by following the hashstag on social networks #15ANECORM and at the following link https://anecorm.org/congreso2022/




International Day of the Nursing Assistant is celebrated on 14 July