HOLA | SOCIEDAD | Madrid | 17 NOVEMBER 2020



After celebrating its 25th anniversary a year ago, a new edition, the 26th, of the ‘Ciudadanos’ Awards was held last Thursday, November 12. An event that, like almost all of this year, was somewhat atypical, due to the current health situation, but which kept its essence intact: to reward all those personalities and institutions that extol both the virtues of solidarity and the values of citizenship. And, on this occasion, we wanted to pay special tribute to those who have fought, in one way or another, against the coronavirus, and have helped those affected by the pandemic.

From Ciudadanos Awards they emphasize: “Through the delivery of the ‘Ciudadanos’ Awards, Public Institutions and Private Entities are recognized for their Solidarity, vocation and delivery responding with their collaboration, help and work in conditions of extreme situation to the needs of health response with the patients of the COVID-19 and that, thanks to their commendable work, saved lives and some of them gave theirs during their work”.

The headquarters of the Secretariat of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence in the capital was the setting for the event, which was attended by Víctor Jara, president of the Ciudadanos Awards and the Digital Audiovisual Council, who was accompanied by Juan Jesús Torres Carbonell, general secretary of Digital Administration of the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence.

After Enrique Baron‘s conference on Europe’s role in the COVID-19 and its repercussions in Spain, the awards were given, which were divided into three different categories: COVID-19 2020 Event, Public and Social Institutions.

Óscar M. Jordán, managing director of the Hersill company, collected the “Event of the Year 2020 Covid-19” award that the company won “. In recognition of its corporate philosophy of caring for people’s health by developing reliable medical technology, its drive for technological innovation, continuous improvement in customer service, and its tireless work and its supportive and essential position with society in the field of COVID-19”.

“This category recognizes relevant events that have occurred during the year due to their special repercussion on society. As well as behaviour or actions of citizens, social groups, public and private institutions as references in values of the event of the year”.

The ‘Ciudadanos’ Awards were then given in the Public Institutions Category, which went to the National Police, the Spanish Military Police and Operation Balmis. Finally, the ‘Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón’ added to this list of winners, because thanks to their great work they saved thousands of lives, and some members of their team gave their own.


VIDEO Event of the year 2020 COVID-19 Award at the 26th Edition of ‘Ciudadanos’ Awards