The St. Dominique Hospital in Djunang is located in a rural area of Cameroon and is one of the centers with which the Recover Foundation has been collaborating in the country for 15 years. This hospital treats more than 5,000 patients a year and serves a population of more than 400,000 poor people who live mostly on subsistence agriculture and livestock. In these years it has experienced great growth, experiencing a process of improvement that has been possible thanks to the support of different collaborating companies, among them Hersill, which already in 2019 financed an oxygen system.

However, despite the progress made, one serious problem remains: the lack of access to stable electricity. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the electrical system that was developed at the time was built without any real planning for its growth and without taking into account the protection of medical devices against the risk of short circuits that could damage them, or the protection against fires in buildings. In fact, these deficiencies caused, two years ago, a fire on the roof of the delivery room and last year 2021, a fault in the electrical circuit resulted in the deterioration of some medical equipment. Beyond these incidents, there are often supply problems and outages in the hospital’s electrical system.



For this reason, thanks once again to the fundamental support of Hersill, we have launched a project to improve the hospital’s electrical system by installing appropriate protections, grouping circuits and laying new lines for heavy-duty equipment. All equipment will be supplied and installed by a specialist company, which will also provide training for the personnel who will use the equipment.



This project will lead to a substantial improvement of the center’s services, which thanks to the growth in recent years already include outpatient consultations, hospitalization, maternity, operating room and laboratory, as well as medical services in gynecology, dentistry and ultrasound, among many others. That is why this project, which will also be completed with the acquisition of essential laboratory equipment, will be key for the people of the area.