Innovation and R&D are the pillars of a society based on knowledge, and are also critical for the dynamism of companies.


HERSILL´s R&D department has a recognized prestige among the companies in the sector, as well as universities and institutions in their environment. Our work is focused on positioning and maintaining HERSILL at the edge of health technologies, and our activity results on the development of new products that let HERSILL maintain their position among the elite in the sector at an international level.

R&D department is located in modern facilities consisting of offices, development laboratory and testing and metrology laboratory, attached to the Hersill factory in Móstoles. It integrates a multidisciplinary team dedicated exclusively to R&D, of 6 engineers in health technology, and the collaboration of two medical doctors and maintains partnerships with two universities.

We are highly aware of the importance of exchanging knowledge among the whole organization, and thus the R&D department is not an isolated entity. It is not only in charge of the transfer of technology to the production plant, but it also directly collaborates with the commercial and marketing teams, ours and those of our clients, in the prospection of tendencies and the delivery of solutions that will give us an edge in the market.



 Genesis, Anaesthesia machine -NEW-