We welcome Christmas this year with special excitement. In the year in which Hersill has celebrated its 50th anniversary, these dates become an even more special moment in which we make a break to enjoy and value the trajectory of our company, built from effort and dedication, always looking for innovation and excellence.

Over the past 50 year, health technology has experimented a significant evolution, transforming and changing the way of practicing medicine, favouring the work of health professionals and improving the life quality of patients.



As the Covid 19 pandemic was a turning point for our company we are happy to be a key part on this journey in which our goal is to contribute to the health of patients and make their diagnostics, interventions and treatments more effective.

In this context we are grateful because, in addition to our usual work, in this year we have had the opportunity to generate meetings to reflect and give value to health technology with relevant personalities in the sector. It even goes much further, proposing the #TecnologíasQueHacenPaís campaign, a unique opportunity to highlight the important role of the business fabric in terms of technology in our country.

Moreover, by focusing on our 50th anniversary, we have discovered new ways to express our work, using art as a communication tool. So much so that we have a melody of Hersill’s own “la melodía de la vida” (“the melody of life”) in collaboration with Músicos para la salud.

To all these learnings and experiences, has been added, as every year, our traditional Christmas contest in which the workers propose an idea to decorate Christmas tree. This year our colleague Javier Sánchez Rebollo has won by proposing this beautiful tree.



We wish you all a happy holiday season and a year of prosperity in which we can continue sharing this wonderful journey of contributing to the improvement of the health and life quality of patients.