On September 10th, World First Aid Day was celebrated under the motto “First Aid for Life” and as part of our commitment, HERSILL wanted to share recommendations with all our users throughout this week.

Throughout our lives, people may face or experience at some point an unforeseen situation that requires basic first aid knowledge. This is why it is important that all citizens, at some point, receive instructions on how to deal with or provide first aid to a victim in an emergency situation.

First aid , according to the “First Aid Guide” of SAMUR, is “those mass and immediate actions or measures that are carried out in the same place where an accident or the loss of health of a person has occurred” without being medical treatments, but actions that facilitate and are carried out in order to reduce injuries or reduce the risk of life of the person concerned in that situation.





From Hersill, following the recommendations of SAMUR, we provide a series of guidelines to follow in the event that a person is facing visualization or in a state of emergency.

– Call 112 from the first moment to inform the medical professionals of the situation so that they can come as soon as possible.

– First aid will never be provided if the safety of the victim and his/her environment is not guaranteed.

– Always stay calm and don’t lose your nerve.

– In neither case should the injured be moved.

– We should always accompany the auxiliary until the health services arrive at the location.