Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in the world to graduate from medical school in 1849 and practise her profession, as every February 11th is celebrated as World Women’s Medical Day.

After many attempts to get her accepted at some university, it was the Geneva Medical College that accepted her, and finally managed to become the first woman to receive a degree in this specialty in the United States, and thanks to her achievements and struggles, today many women around the world are recognized for their work and professionalism in the field of medicine.

The role of women in medicine has been progressive over time, starting from a highly competitive and male-dominated context, since from the 1970s to the present day the number of women practicing medicine has quadrupled, to the point that we can affirm that at the Medical Schools of our universities today there are more women than men, working in different settings: care, academic, scientific and organizational.

The celebration of this day is very important to encourage girls and teenagers to fight for their dream of being a doctor. We from Hersill gave a little push. To the future and present doctors of the world!